Ladies only Power Boot Camp!!


Want to lose weight?

Want to have fun?

Want to see a difference in your own before and after pictures?



How many people actually achieve the weight loss and fitness goals they set themselves?


Why do they fail so easily?

  • The gym workouts are constantly the same
  • Group exercise has provided no progression
  • Lack of understanding of the correct way to work out for the results they are after
  • Poor diet
  • unhealthy eating habits
  • No ‘Support Network’
  • Lack of motivation and encouragement


Welcome to female power camp with leading female personal trainer Diane singleton. Based in DS Fitness Barrow, female power camp covers all of Furness and surrounding areas.


Head trainer, Diane Singleton has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to health and fitness and during this time became a highly qualified professional personal trainer; having achieved level 5 in Nutrition, level 4 GP Referral, level 4 obesity and diabetes, Level 3 in Personal Training and an assessor for Fit pro and has been lucky enough to be a tester for Mossa programs. She has Been a CYQ teacher and has taught numerous people to be level 3 Gym instructors, personal trainers and group fitness Instructors.

Diane prides herself on her standard of classes and 1 to 1 sessions taught, as she believes this is the best way to help people get motivated in order to achieve their personal goals

FEMALE POWERCAMP works with clients on a one-to-one basis to achieve their personal goals including weight loss, toning, increasing cardio fitness levels, aiding pain free movement or simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle and well-being.

Diane’s wealth of knowledge and experience has grown significantly and now boasts a large network of clients, built from word of mouth alone.


Are you sick and tired of struggling with the following…..


  • Flabby tummy and bulging thighs
  • Trouble spots that just will not disappear
  • Your clothes not fitting the way they used to
  • Lack of results from the gym
  • Having a gym membership and not going
  • Bored of exercise!!
  • Diets that promise the world and make life miserable
  • Can’t afford a Personal Trainer

Diane has designed a fun and exciting Ladies Power camp programme that burns up to 800 calories per session.

  • Your exercise sessions are fun and varied.
  • You get the knowledge you’d get from a personal trainer without the expense
  • Your programme progresses at a rate suitable to you
  • You got a simple no nonsense, up-to-date, brand new nutrition plan to follow
  • You got to share this experience with and be encouraged by a group of likeminded women


AND…..You got great results, lost inches of fat and felt better than you’ve ever had about yourself?


The find out more about LADIES Power CAMP please ring Diane on 07766162544 or 01229 877770


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