Wanting to lose weight and losing weight are two very different things.


We are very influenced by social media and magazine Pictures, but do we really know what it means to look like the picture we so admire.

In one instance we need to book a fantastic photo shoot and have the pictures photo shopped, but if we want to look and feel different every day, we need to follow a completely different path.

We need to make permanent lifestyle changes that enable us to achieve our goal and maintain it. I see people training very hard, but without a proper workout plan and without making changes to eating habits they struggle to make the changes they are trying so hard to achieve.

The truth is we need to:

1. Make permanent lifestyle changes we enjoy and can stick to long term.

2. Follow a diet plan that is progressive, so we need to make initial changes and then follow a different diet plan to maintain our weight and keep us healthy.

3. Start a fun workout, fitness regime that delivers the results we are after. It’s all right joining the gym, but do you get the help you need. Does that latest craze offer us the results you are after?

4. Seek help from a well-qualified fitness professional, that will guide you along the right path.

5. Don’t believe everything you read on social media. The right Diet and personally planned exercise are natural partners when it comes to controlling your weight and they can both make a real difference to your health. Done properly it’s a winning combination- it’s what you need to succeed and reach your goal.